Friday, July 22, 2016

TGIF!  Wish that it was an OFF Friday for me :(

I have Kookoo Katchu piecing on my design wall less the borders.  You can see that I have that going on too.  I've been working on the applique parts.

There aren't too many pieces to prepare.  Only three different shapes.  The majority of these will be the leaf that doubles as petals in a couple of flowers.

The difficult part is preparing the bias vine.  I really don't prefer using the binding tool with the tape.  I have it, tried it.  The old fashion way works best for me.  I want the vine to finish 1/4" wide.  I'll be using the darkest of the blues.  You may notice in the first photograph the placement of the dark blue.  
It is all coming together for a finish by the end of the month!  Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend.  We are staying away from the city this weekend...Comicon is in full attendance all weekend!

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Kerry's Quilting said...

Looking great! You are back in action with a quick finish! Stay cool today!