Sunday Stash Report, May 3, 2015

Let me start out with fabrics from my stash for the May UFO project I will be working on during the month.  This is a little project which I'm excited about.  The greens, reds, golds, and dark ivorys will become the "packages" with the blue, solid green, and solid red the bows.  The "packages" start with just a 2 1/2" square.  There are 25 of them with four getting a bow.  The white will be the sashing with the green print becoming the outside border the red print the back and the stripe the binding.  Janet O. came up with a terrific name Kringle's Kargo.  How cute is that?

This next project is the Sunshine Quilt Guild April BOM.  We are to use a "peacock" fabric color in the shaded areas of the diagram and white around them.  There are two different block layouts.  Mine is Block 2.  There's a lot of pieces to this 10 1/2" finished block.
Kooter Klan
19" x 24"
I mentioned that I had lots of binding to do this past week.  I still have two more to finish yet.  Kooter Klan is a design by Karen Karen Brow called Newly Hatched.  This is the smaller bonus pattern that comes with the pattern.  Kerry did a wonderful job with the quilting.
Krazy Koons 2
18" x 26"
Krazy Koons 2 is going to my Mom.  Like I've done before the leftover blocks from the original pattern are set in some sort of fashion and assembled into small wall hangings.  I did make another flower and two more birds to finish this project.

My Clue Challenge is done and ready for June's Sunshine Quilt Guild meeting.  Let me say that it was very easy to put a name on my project!  It had size requirements that had it finish as a small project.  Lots of different fabrics, but not much by volume.  You'll see it soon enough.  Today I'm counting the yardage.  Now let me get busy again in the sewing room putting my UFO together.  Hope that you enjoy your week ahead.

Used this week:  1 yard
Used YTD:  117 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  64.25
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  52.75 yards


Betty said...

The Christmas packages are going to be great. Yes, I think Janet O. picked a excellent name. The BOM looks interesting. two colors, that is different for you. "My" Krazy Koons 2 (lol) is so cute. I have a perfect spot to hang it. Good luck on your challenge.

Janet O. said...

Glad you like the name suggestion, Sandi. I had no idea the packages were that small. How fun!
Interesting design on the BOM. How narrow are the white strips?
Sounds like your Mom is ready for her new wall hanging to come home. : )