Friday, May 8, 2015

Krazy Koons
58" x 69"
I have another finish to share today.  Binding done, label on, sleeve down.  This is the full project of Crazy as a Bird Dog by Buggy Barn.  Earlier this week I shared my finish with the mini Krazy Koons 2 that was made with the leftover block.  I'm loving these bird dogs!  Next up to finish is the full project of Bird Brain.

We had a wonderful rain early morning.  It came down pretty steady for about three hours and then a little bit a few hours later.  The sun is trying hard to come out now.  I'm headed out for some shopping today.  Want to find something fun for my next weekend's activities.  TGIF twice fold since it is my Off Friday!


Sherrill said...

That is TOO CUTE including the little birds on the dogs. I've not seen that one. Congrats on the finish--feels so good!

Janet O. said...

Wonderful finish, Sandi! You continue to leave me in awe with all of your finishes!