Design Wall Monday, May 25, 2015

I have been busy lately mostly with hand sewing.  Kerry's Quilting has me busy and I'm loving every bit of it.  I now have all the rick rack that is the flower stems of Krazy Kookoos done.  Each one of those stems took nearly an hour to sew down...of course some of that time was intermittently interrupted by KoKo.  When he wants attention there is no sewing!  He has to sit right on the spot I'm trying to sew.  Oh but I love my fur baby =^.^=.  Eyes on Krazy Kookoos still need to be sewn on.  I'll have a bunch of green eyed kookoos soon!  Kool Krystals sits ready for hand sewing too.

The sewing that I have been doing has been on Quilt Carry Bags.  I'm brushing up on the instructions as I will be giving a workshop at Paradise Sewing next Sunday, May 31st to make it.  Mom will be in town then at helping me.  If you are in the area and interested in having one for your own call them and join us.

I hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day and remembering the many who made it possible.  Enjoy your week ahead.  I'm hoping mine goes by swiftly because Mom is coming to visit arriving Friday.  I haven't seen her since September although we talk nearly every day; it is not the same as being with her.


Janet O. said...

How nice to be getting some of the final stitching done on these quilts.
I'll be crossing the country to see my daughter in one week. Can't wait to hold her new baby!
Good luck with your class. : )

Betty said...

I too am looking forward to those hugs and kisses. Just not enough times to be with each other. East Coast to West Coast is a mighty distance apart. Love your quilts, they are so nice. I know who is getting that red quilt bag. Kerry and her reds lol.