Design Wall Monday, November 7, 2011


I'll be working on quite a few things this week.  Heartsease is the Kourageous block for November.  UFO #3 with Patchwork Times.  It is a design by Claudia Hasenbach.  I'm not sure what fabrics yet I'll be using but I do plan to start pulling them later today.  17 sections and 61 pieces make up this flower block.  Not too bad! 

The Violets are designed by Linda Causee and is the UFO #12 block for December.  It has 26 sections and 169 pieces.  I'm hoping to get a jump start on this one.

I've got a couple of finishes to show. Kondor's Klutch is a Bonnie Hunter design from her third book called Hawk's Nest. Mine is done with three different cheddar oranges. The border was the challenging part of this design. As you can see it is well worth it!

Kondor's Klutch
Kolonial is another Bonnie Hunter design from the Australian Homespun Blue Edition called Jamestown Landing.  Mine is done with all kinds of pinks.  Some of the pinks are hand dyes done by me several years ago.  It has been great to finally use them.  The binding turned out to be my favorite piece.  I've got several cat theme fabrics in this one too with a martini thrown into this entirely scrappy project.  This one uses one of her most popular blocks of late...strings!


See other beautiful projects via Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

You have your work cut out for you on the floral blocks. November doesn't look as bad, but that December block will be a time-consumer. And just in time for the holidays. I can see why you want to get ahead on that one.
Congrats on two beautiful finishes. Bonnie's patterns are very ambitious. I'm afraid I would chicken out by the time I got to the border and do some solid edges. : )

Denise :) said...

The little violets are just darling! Wow -- all those little pieces -- should be fun working on that block! Happy Monday! :)

Kathie said...

I ended up quitting on the getting UFOs done, just to busy right now but I think I got 9 or 10 of them done, just not necessarily in the order I should have but nice to have the UFO shelf down by so much.

Jo said...

WOW...I love them BOTH. Kelli is planning on doing JTL in reds. Boy I love Bonnie quilts...I want to make Hawk's Nest. The want to do list is SO long :)

Angie in SoCal said...

Love those quilts you showed. Bonnie's patterns are so challenging as to the number of pieces - but well worth making as your finished quilts attest. The flower blocks are great too - I just can't deal with so many pieces.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts. Hope you get to work on your UFO challenge blocks.

Linda said...

Love your Bonnie quilts!! And those pieced floral blocks will be just beautiful.

Nann said...

Love the Kondor quilt!
I referred to Bonnie's three books while contemplating border designs for my current project. I saw all those Hawk's Nest triangles....and decided that, as much as I like them, I am not going to that much effort for the quilt I'm working on.