Wednesday, October 7, 2020


My front doors have been adorned with creations from my sister, Karen.  Today is her birthday by the way.  I sang the birthday song...someone needs to do it :)  If you happen upon her make sure you wish her a happy day.

So this is the awesome birthday dinner enjoyed on Monday.  Loved every raw morsel!  The roll at the top left are called X-Girlfriend.  These are made without rice and are so velvety in the mouth.  The right top green roll is called Wonder Woman.  Then there is our usual salmon skin handrolls and the third roll is one of our favorites made with a crispy softshell crab.  At the top is a sashimi salad.  The birthday wine glass had to make it's appearance along with a good white wine.  Excellent dinner =^.^=

I had time to make Cat Candy Block #28.  This is a Halloween Cat.  Sort of went around and around trying to figure out if it's ears should be a polka dot or a stripe.  Either looked good with an orange polka dot or purple body.  Well you see the result.

I've been struggling with this block.  The block was just too blendy.  So I changed the eyes.  I think it helps.  What do you think?  Do I move it to the back?

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Janet O. said...

The wreaths are gorgeous!
Love the purple kitty with the striped ears.
I think the change to the red/grey eyes in the last kitty definitely helped define it, but it almost looks like a kitty in camo, blending in quite a bit with the background fabric. I'd want to see how it looks amidst all the other kitties before deciding if it stayed on the front or not.

kwiltnkats said...

Janet - My thoughts too on the kamo kitty! Maybe he will have to stay on the front and name the project Kamo Kitty...LOL