Sunday Stash Report, October 11, 2020

These are the thiry cat blocks made for my Candy Cat project.  Although I worked at the black and white kitty with the Mickey Mouse background he just isn't working.  I really want the black and white kitty AND I really want the Mickey Mouse background...just can't use the two fabrics in the same block.  Might have to make two more blocks using each fabric and introduce two new fabrics.  The two that don't get used on the front will make their way to the back.  As much fuss as this block has been golly!  One reader thought to call it "camo cat".  I think this would make a cute name for my project Kamo Kat =^.^=  

I've taken this project off the wall for now.  Irelyn's quilt is there now.  Anxious to get this baby quilt into the hands of Kerry, back to me for finishing touches and in the mail before she's born in November.

My weekend was spent binding.  Kalpana (39" x 39") was first to finish.  I used left out blocks in the sleeve.  Kerry put a very pretty design on it with silver/grayish thread.

Kandles (27" x 33") was second.  I'm sharing the awesome quilting Kerry did on this one.  The candles just glow!  Bonnie will get this as a gift for Christmas.

Kropper (41" x 49") finished this morning.  I had some left over units to put in the sleeve for this project too.  By far this was a real doozy to find a name.

So another week goes by without a finish.  My attention will be to get something done this week!  No changes, but I do have one coming to both USED and PURCHASED =^.^=

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  113 yards
Net used in 2020: 92.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  20.25 yards

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Nancy J said...

I searched for the KAT, he was hidden in blending fabrics, I could see what you were saying. No finish, never mind , you have achieved so much, and the other cats are fabulous.