Sunday Stash Report, January 5, 2020

I have been super busy this week in my sewing room.  I have lots to share!  This block is Sunshine Quilt Guild's Dec19 BOM.  The middle green and the background were provided.  We were to add a medium green.  This is a nice block that was easy to assemble.  Guild is a week from this Tuesday so I am ahead of schedule.
I have Sunshine 2019-2020 UFO Challenge #7 completed.  I am finding pieces of binding left from previous projects.  I like the look the bright blues look on #7.
I pulled out two UFOs not on any list or challenge.  The red/black dot 4-patches along with the red solid came from my Mom several years ago.  She misplaced the pattern so I needed to come up with one.  The design for the Challenge #7 as perfect.
The next goal to achieve was to use up all the 4-patches.  There was some red and black dot fabric, but not much if needed to complete a particular number of blocks to get to a finished project of 40 x 60.  Turns out there was enough to make two projects if within my stash an alternate block fabric could be found that would work.
At first I thought this was way too busy.
Then it started to grow on me.  A real good pirate fabric that was only enough for borders worked...
The first project finished.
The second project will use fabric from my Mom's stash that is in the mail to me now.  It is a white with a larger dot in colors that when we shared images over FaceTime looks like will work well.  I am very happy the white black fabric held out through both of these projects.
I was a Hobby Lobby and found this Micky Mouse fabric for a back to bring the "kid" theme into the project.  You will find this as funny as Mom and I...just today Mom was organizing her sewing project; low and behold the missing pattern showed up.  A little too late :)!
The second UFO is from a "How to Make Flying Geese" demo that was presented to the Guild several years ago.  Enough fabric to do something with the many units that were made.  I presented five different ways to make FG, there are sure to be even more, that resulted in lots to do something with.
Stars are always a favorite.
Found this raspberry in stash to become the center.  (Some of this fabric will find its way to Kavort.)
Now to come up with a design.  I used up all the FG and sewed five more to make this design.  I have a little left of the raspberry and lots of the background.  What do you think of this use of fabrics?
I did find time to work on two 2020 UFOs that count from my list.  I cut the units for Yule Glow for the first.  The second is Kavort...

Lastly before I head back to work tomorrow Kavort Part 6 was started and finished.  This part has been the most of the work so far.  Part 7 is out making blue/raspberry HSTs.  I will be at this tomorrow to get it done by Friday when the next, possibly last part is released.  We only have one more piece cut in Part 4 that has yet to be sewn with anything.  My guess is that we are probably nearing the end of Frolic, Bonnie Hunter's 2019 Winter Mystery.

Stash all at zeros as we start 2020!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  0 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  0 yards
Net used in 2020:  0 yards


mah said...

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Betty said...

You certainly accomplished a lot with your week off of work, the results are super. I so enjoy our face time talks
Many times a week. Even throwing kisses is so special across all the miles.

Kerry's Quilting said...

Wow, You have been super busy this week in your sewing room! Like all the projects- great finishes to start the year.

Anita said...

Holy Cow you have been busy! I just did my BOM last night and starting my UFO today. I really like seeing all that you do!

Anita said...

Holy Cow you have been busy! I just did my BOM last night and starting my UFO today. I really like seeing all that you do!