Design Wall Monday, January 13, 2020

So far these are the fabrics selected for my Jelly Roll Dresden project with Anelie Belden.  I have decided to call this one Kofi that means "born on Friday". 

This is one of the project samples.  The class will be at Road to California in Ontario, CA next Friday.

I selected this fabric to be the outer border, picked up the earth tone strip set that is all dots.

Black on black will be the background.  I will be looking to pick up a couple more FQs.  I may also end up with a white on black, but we will see as the project progresses.

From the 20 fabrics of the strip set these are giving me problems.  In what you see below some sets were figured out during lunchtime with Bonnie.

I did add the teal set in once at home.  I may look for another teal to replace this fabric.

Auditions and many of them...

These are the combinations I have decided on for now.

These dots might find their way in to the project if I cannot find something for the four strip sets remain.  So there is excitement in my sewing room at the start of the project.  I have strips to cut from the yardage and stitching the 20 sets together.  This is what awaits me during the week; homework =^.^=

Getting time for more on Kavort (Frolic) will also find time.  I have to catch up before the reveal which I think might be this Friday.

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Betty said...

That is a lot of fabric choices, I am sure it will be a challenge and beautiful. Enjoy your trip to the quilt show.