Design Wall Monday, December 9, 2019

I have been working on Kwenched (Bountiful).  This one has made it to just one piece of applique x2 to sew into place.  There is the pink fabric you see in the berries that goes into the middle of the big tulips.
This one isn't too far behind.  It needs the tulip outsides sewn x2 into place.
These two are at the same spot.  Once the first two are done they are next for hand sewing.

My friend Sue shared a great paper piecing free pattern website Fandom Stitches.  The link takes you to Christmas.  You can navigate to Halloween or explore on your own.  These are some pretty large blocks which will make it easy.

Tomorrow night is the Sunshine Quilt Guild Holiday Party.  It is a potluck affair and games that the organizers dream up.  Anxious to attend this fun event.  So what's going on in your sewing?

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Betty said...

Appliqués are really coming along nicely, great job. Enjoy your Christmas Party, don’t eat too much.