Design Wall Monday, December 2, 2019

Kurling is all done...ready for displaying this holiday season.  I see it possible to get into more of this type of sewing.  Yes right now I do a little bit of grumbling as I stitch the new frontier, but it's looking better and better with each project.  Kurling is a 2019 UFO that is now marked as DONE!

Kwenched is coming along nicely too.  I stepped back after gluing down several of the next fabrics to applique.  There was binding to do and you know how much I enjoy binding.  My thumb is showing the abuse =^.^=  Kwenched is another 2019 UFO that I would like to see in the DONE category.
As for Frolic's Clue #1.  My project will be called KavortKavort starts my 2020 UFO List!.  Does it count that I pulled from stash the blues and printed out the instructions?  There is already some catching up to do!
Apparently Maverick knew about this before I did.  I learned that I was to become a first time Great Aunt from Tiffany and Matt just this past weekend.  Congratulations to you both and Maverick of course!


Tiffany Hirsch said...

I love the Kurling quilt! And those little snowman are super cute! Great Aunt Sandi, has a nice little ring to it ❤️

Betty said...

Love this post. You just keep getting better with each appliqué.yes, I will be a great grandma, really love hearing that.

Kerry's Quilting said...

Congrats on the new addition Aunt Sandi! Great progress on Kwneched. Can't wait to tackle mine.