Design Wall Monday, October 21, 2019

Sunshine 2019-2020 Challenge Project #5 is done.  I have to admit that my quilting is rudimentary, but the result works to hold the three (top, batting, and back) together AND it looks pretty good.  I surrounded with stitch in the ditch each of the 20 blocks and then surrounded each of the four patch blocks within the blocks.  The back is from my stash so that will be counted as used and the binding is left from a previous project.  It will be part of the quilts turned in for the charity supported by the guild.
This project is a Reusable Straw Pouch that a guild member designed to use as a fundraiser at a craft show to be held in November.  I will be making one and helping her proof her instructions along the way.  I have only gotten this far.  I hope to get to it in earnest this week.  She scrambled to put process to paper and now I have been tardy in getting back to her.  Soon I promise =^.^=

I spent all Sunday in my favorite family room chair hand stitching.  Binding Challenge Project #5, securing sleeve on Kaffe Kisses, and putting labels on four different recent finishes.  All caught up with hand stitching for now.

I wish you a good week and will be back with something new to read on Sunday.


Nancy J said...

Those swirls, snails or lollipops??? Love the one on the wall, bright and breezy? Is that the right word?

kwiltnkats said...

Nancy - they are swirls, left from Kaffe Kisses project. Bright and Breezy indeed! Some little girl will like the heart border.