Design Wall Monday, October 14, 2019

I have been working away on a few projects.  This is Cat 3 of my 2019 UFO The Cat's Meow.  The units are just placed about where they would be, but final placement on the background has not been determined.
This is Cat 4.  The paper is a fusible called Barely There that I have come to like a bunch.  The units are on the wrong side of the fabric for now.  I will be cutting the parts of this cat during the week.

Last Friday I received Kaffe Kisses in the mail from Kerry.  During yesterday's football games and later tonight's football game there will be some binding.  I am sharing some of the quilting that Kerry used.  Several are from patterns made for the double wedding ring design.  I am very pleased with the custom work Kerry accomplished.  When I get the binding done the project will be shared with you.  The binding is the same green as in the blocks.

2019 - 2020 Sunshine Challenge #5 top is done.  The pattern (Framed 4-Patch) and kit was prepared by Tonya, Sunshine's Cuddle Quilt Coordinator.  I will be getting some appropriate kid themed backs from Tonya for the remaining six projects, but this purple will work for now for #5.  The pink thread will be used for the quilting that I will be doing.

Have a terrific week ahead.


Nancy J said...

Wow oh Wow, your cat is amazing. And the quilting all done, fantastic. It suits the quilt perfectly.

Betty said...

Super, I agree with Nancy, the cat is awesome, you have a great “pick” for putting colors together.
Kerry did a super job quilting Kaiffe Kisses. Another plus for you........