Design Wall Monday, May 15, 2017

Don't you just love seeing the end of your scraps box?  Mine has been full for a long time...until this weekend!  Started working on managing all the bits and pieces on Saturday and the final 2" size was done at 11am.  Now I really need to find some scrappy designs.

I have been itching to put together the new project Bonnie Hunter introduced us to recently.  It doesn't have a name that I heard yet.  It involves horizontal string blocks that becomes snowball blocks.  This is probably what drove me to manage the scraps.

I like the blocks.  I have no idea how to set them or for that matter how many will be needed.  I'll just make until the scraps run out...perhaps I should rethink that!

Next up for sewing on Sunday was Sunshine Quilt Guilds monthly BOM.  I had to dig real deep to find the 30s fabrics.  If there had been one more fabric needed I would have had to take a trip to Rosie's.

I did settle on the three fabrics.

Then I bit off most of Chapter 5, Kanton Kull (aka A Prairie Gathering).  I have most of the parts done with only the Shoo-Fly block to finish.  The units have to finish with their given size or putting the project together will be tough.  My trusty BlocLoc Ruler to the rescue.

I hope this week is excellent for you.  I will be stitching during Dancing With The Stars tonight.  The ShooFly will be done then off to cutting Chapter 6.


Nancy J said...

Very busy up your way, I need to get past a slow shuffle, and do some serious walking tomorrow at the machine, that is!!! Love your colours in each lot of cut pieces.

Janet O. said...

I don't know that I have ever actually emptied my scrap basket, other than dumping it out to find the piece I want. : )
Your efficiency leaves me in the dust, for sure.
Always great projects in the works at your place!