Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tuesday evening was Sunshine Quilt Guild's monthly meeting for May.  I was one of three lucky winners of a door prize for having my name tag.  I have made Country Threads patterns before and was happy to have two more chances.  Notice the pattern on the left has a cat on it?  Not sure how the chicken fabrics will play into my projects, but I like each of them nonetheless.

Before the meeting I made a stop at Joann's for the 100 Blocks Quiltmaker Volume 15 magazine.  You know I would be utmost interested in the entry from Bonnie Hunter.  Well I was not disappointed with Sawtooth Flutter.  Funny in reading her blog she did not exactly like the name.  It was as a result of her having a same name block from another block entry.  Bonnie was holding a contest to come up with a new name.  I frankly like the one hers was coined.  Funny she envisioned a butterfly with teeth in Sawtooth Flutter!  Anyway with leftover flying geese from Talkin' Turkey, made some time ago, there are leftovers that will be used to make this one...and just in case the layout involves red strings...I am covered.

The first Aqua/Blue Swap blocks are in my hands from Bonnie Sue.  She is always so sweet to give me a little thank you for coordinating swaps.  Know Bonnie Sue that I appreciate this treat and look forward to using the "thoughtful to the fabrics of this swap" charm pack in my project.  There are still many units to be made that this swap is built around (Straights of Mackinac).  The due date for the remaining swappers is May 22nd.

Tuesday evening was indeed a night of getting goodies.  Kerry brought me Kalvery "quilt" finished.  An awesome feather design (HA Twirly Feathers) was quilted that seemed appropriate for this reproduction project.  I have been considering the binding fabric at the moment, but found time to trim it down last night.  Pam Buda suggested a brown stripe Freedom Rings fabric, but I am not feeling it...brown stripe against a navy star wreath fabric that is the 7" outer border...  I am thinking strongly of sticking with the outer border fabric of which there is plenty.

I am totally happy tomorrow is Friday!  It has been a busy work week catching up from my few days off.  I am looking forward to a day sleeping in and enjoy doing what I like best the rest of the day...stitching!


Nancy J said...

Those chickies/roosters will find a place to roost soon, the quilt just to be bound, that is gorgeous, and blue bags, lovely as well. Time for your weekend now.,well really another day in-between. Ours starts tomorrow!!!

Janet O. said...

Congrats on your win at guild!
I don't know how Bonnie keeps coming up with such interesting blocks. Her mind is a wonder! That looks like a really clever one.
I'm not feeling the brown for the binding, either. I think you are on the right track.
Have a great weekend--enjoy sleeping in, for sure!

Betty said...

You had a nice win at the guild. looks like you got a good start on your blue bags, I am sure that it will be a nice quilt. Did you figure out what you are going to use for the binding on Kalvery, I know what you decide on will e great. Still raining in Maryland, the ground can't hold any more water.