Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

Besides working on the Christmas dinner menu for seven (possibly more) family members; I have been considering my 2017 UFO projects.  It is true that the last 2016 UFO, Kozy Korners, is yet to be started :(!  I have identified eight projects so far and all of them are true UFOs.  The remaining four will be starting from a pattern.  I did purchase a few new designs as well as couple gifted during the year that will end up being #9, #10, #11, and #12 =^.^=

Kozy Korners
2016 UFO
This is 2017 UFOs List so far:

#1 Kourtepointe.  En Provence, Bonnie Hunter's 2016 Winter Mystery - in work
Quiltvillians are working on Part 4 or eagerly awaiting Part 5 at the moment.  A "K" name needs to be decided.

#2 Kanton Kull, A Prairie Gathering - in work
At the start of Part 4.

#3 Kastaway, Catnip Trip - in work
At the machine applique stage of the hot air balloon.

#4 Konstitution, Union Blues - in work
At the start of Part 6.

#5 Kourageous - in work
My friend Shelly designed a setting.  All ready now to put the blocks together.

#6 Quilt Square Quilt Along, Jo's Country Junction - in work
Need to decide on a setting for this project.  All blocks are finished.  A "K" name needs to be decided.

#7 Kilimanjaro.  Scrappy Mountain Majesty - in work
Put this down when 2016 UFOs demanded my attention.  I will be using HST Swap for this project.  Need to stitch more blocks.

#8 Kutarug, Winning Combination - in work
Put this down when 2016 UFOs demanded my attention.  Need to stitch more blocks.

There will be more on the building of this list to come.


Janet O. said...

The colors of number 4 really call to me. : )
Happy to see Kourageous surface again. Those blocks fascinate me.
A name for number 6--have you already used Konglomeration?

Nancy J said...

12 is a good number, one for each month? Love those blues too.

Susan C said...

Have you considered Kilamanjaro (sp?) for the Scrappy Mountain Majesty?