Design Wall Monday, December 12, 2016

Kourtepoine Part 3 is in full production =^.^=  I am looking for time tonight to get these 2" twosie units into four patches.  Yes, all 168 will be done before Friday when Part 4 is published!

This past weekend was all about getting the decorations in place.  Quilts up, tree up and decorated, knickknacks in place, and outside lights hung.  I have the pine scented icicles on the tree and enjoying the twinkle of the lights.  After about 15 attempts trying to catch the lights when they weren't blinking at the top...I gave up...there are lights there trust me.  This photo imparts a smaller tree.  It is 9.5' tall.  The photo is taken from my second floor looking down into the living room.

I will be linking in with Bonnie at Quiltville today and then an update when my Part 3 is complete.

Linking in with Judy at Patchwork Times.


Nancy Bekedam said...

I love using the Strip Set Bloc Loc for these blocks! said...

Your tree is lovely I am glad that you told me that there was lights on top because I was trying to figure out what the heck you did a great job

Janet O. said...

That is a mighty tall tree, and it looks beautiful!
You are so good at keeping up with Bonnie. I don't even try. : )