October 5, 2016

I love to celebrate...today is a good day to do it too!  It's my Birthday as one of my birthday cards says.  Of course it is one of those singing cards that has a rap style song with cats in the choir.  Cheesecake and a cupcake were my goodies.  Thanks for all the Facebook wishes and along with cards and goodies that are still to come.

DH brought home dinner, in part because I claimed I wasn't cooking or picking up dinner on my way home.  We had Mexican carry out, which was fine for a middle of the work week meal.  We will be dining out in style on Friday with friends.  Best yet I get to select the place.
#6 Kloggs
#3 Kardus
(photo of pattern)
#7 Kardus
(photo of pattern)
UFO coordinator Marti let us know that for October we are to work on #7.  That makes three UFOs that I need to catch up on before the end of the month to get caught up.  I'm close on #6 Kloggs.  Not started on #3 Kardus except pulling fabric.  Kardus still needs a background to be acquired.  Now I have #7 Knikknakk.  Wow do I have a lot of stitching to accomplish this month!  Speaking of sewing I best get my Pfaff going =^.^=


Janet O. said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Sandi! Sounds like you will be celebrating all week long--and that is a good thing. In fact--make it a month long thing.
As you already know, I love Kloggs! Kardus looks like a pretty thing--are you following that colorway?

Nancy J said...

Happy Birthday, and to think you get another on Friday, well done. Love the cats at the top, and hope the singing card will sing again and again. Have a fabulous enjoyable day, and Friday too.

Betty said...

Again another Happy Birthday, yes, I think you will be celebrating for another week, since my card didn't make it in the mail. Tried to broadcast by way of the internet, hope you got all my wishes. Sounds like you have a lot of sewing to do in the month of October, but I have no doubt you will finish what you want to accomplish.. Love you