Design Wall Monday, October 10, 2016

Some of you are lucky to have today off, but not me :(  I have a full five day week ahead.  I am pretty sure that Kloggs will see a finish this week!
Kloggs (top section)
Kloggs (bottom section)
I have the black outer border to sew in place and this project will be ready for quilting.  My Sister sounds pretty excited about this quilt becoming hers.  That puts a smile to my face :)
You may remember Kayenne that I finished earlier this year.  Kerry finished the quilting.  I picked it up Friday and trimmed it down on Sunday.  It will take nine WOW strips to get around this one.  I have a gold fabric picked out for the binding.  Lots of stitching time ahead for me.

Sunshine Quilt Guild monthly meeting is tomorrow night.  Enjoy your week!


Janet O. said...

I can understand your sister's feelings. If Klogg's was going to be mine I would be thrilled!!

Betty said...

Kloggs really is nice, you will make someone very happy? Looks like you are going to enjoy the sitting room with the binding of Kayenne. Praying for a good report on your foot,I will be calling you this afternoon,. Love you

Nancy J said...

One huge quilt, love those colours and your pattern for them. And your sister, YES, thrilled will be needing more superlative words to add .

Kate said...

Kloggs is gorgeous! Happy stitching this week, sounds like you are closing in on some finishes.

Jennifer said...

Kloggs looks great - congrats on the finish!

Summer said...

Kloggs is absolutely gorgeous♥