Sunday Stash Report, June 26, 2016

I'm in the mood it would seem for adding to my stash...even if that is only briefly!  This week Paradise Sewing in Poway saw me coming through their door.  It is always nice going there.  I had a slight adjustment to my Pfaff made.  I sewed over a pin...bad me. Broke the needle and the pin!  Knocked the threader off alignment with the needle.  I sure did miss the ease with using that threader.  Fortunately all worked out well and the threader is working correctly once again.  While there I needed binding of two projects and some batiks for the center melons of Kayenne.  I couldn't talk myself out the the "wordy" fabric =^.^= (I did try).

These are recent projects from Kerry.  I have the binding in place on Kattastic now.  Kattastic  is 44 x 60 a 2016 UFO.  A design by Carolyn Burgess Hughey, Scrappy Cats that was published in Quilt Live June 2014.  I'll be sewing down 208" of black print dots.  Will need good light for this one.  Maybe this is a project for outside under the patio cover we recently installed.

I will be preparing the red just purchased for Kissin Korner.  Kissin Korner is 50 x 60 and a 2016 UFO.  It is a Bonnie Hunter design called Kissin in the Corner!  It will take about six WOF strips or 220" of binding to get around.

I am a bit faster with the binding so I will be helping finish my Mom's friend's Memory Quilt; that's what the blue is for.  It is about 55 x 64 and will need six strips of binding.  A little more than Kissin Korner at about 238".  I looked at other colors for this binding, but couldn't get away from this shade of blue.

If that weren't enough binding projects for me I also volunteered to finish the binding on Sunshine Quilters 2016-2017 Opportunity Quilt.  Chances on this one will start in September.  It is big about 80 x 80. It is a Bonnie Hunter design called Garden Party.  It will need about eight strips; a big project that will be somewhere around 320".

Now that is a lot of binding...208" + 220" + 238" + 320" = 986".  Whoopee...I just love this part...I know most don't!  So here are my numbers for week 27.

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  88.25 yards
Purchased this week:  4 yards
Purchased YTD:  66.75 yards
Net used in 2016:  21.5 yards

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Betty said...

Oh my Goodness, almost 1000 inches of binding to sew on. Ugh... Your cat quilt is so cute, sewing all that binding on does sound like a nice day outside under your patio. It is so beautiful here in Maryland. Glad that you didn't have a more serious problem with your sewing machine. Surprised you missed a pin while sewing. Nice quilt for the guild to raffle off. Put me down for a couple of tickets.