Design Wall Monday, June 13, 2016

On my Design Wall today is Kayenne.  This has turned into a very time consuming project.  There have been two separate times that I have unstitched the blocks.  Each time though the project looks better; so I have been okay with doing it.  In the first unstitching it was important to keep the black/gray pieces from an A block.  Second time it was keeping the neutrals from two B blocks.

I am pretty certain the golds will work well as the last color.  Strips of background go between the blocks.  A decision still needs to be decided for the centers.  Should they all be one color or two.  The pattern suggests two...

There is one more blue A/AR Block to sew that ends up on the bottom.  It will be similar to these two blocks but arranged a bit differently.

The blacks are all done.

So to are the browns.

Working hard to get May's UFO done...Kookoo Katchu is waiting for a start.  How many days in June?  See more projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Betty said...

Kayenne has given you a challenge, this one made you slow down, lol. I know that you aren't use to it, but the quilt will be beautiful, all batiks, wow.

Janet O. said...

I can only imagine how long these gorgeous blocks take to stitch. Just beautiful!!