Thursday, July 9, 2015

My progress so far on Kidd.  I have some more 1" x 3" strips of red to cut before I move on.  The stars are arranged among the tiny 3 1/2" log cabins.
These are ready for those strips.  Looks like the weekend will see Kidd moving along nicely.  The 2" squares are to be HSTs for the border.
One of the finished blocks.  Yes Janet this one is rather small...  TGIF!


Janet O. said...

How appropriate that it is small--and red/white/blue (two things you know I love). Since Kidd is my maiden name, I feel a special kinship to it. : )

Betty said...

You will be finished with this on over the weekend. If it wasn't so small, I think I would like to make this one. Sounds like someone else would like to make one???

Salmagundi said...

I always love a tiny log cabin block of any variation -- the colors of yours are among my favorites. Sally