Design Wall Monday, July 27, 2015

 I prepared as much as I could of the mussel unit.  I plan a visit tomorrow to pick up more white for the five bones that still need to be done.  The bone is the bottom piece of the unit so can't go any further until I have the felted wool.
Kanine Karnivores had a bit of progress.  I changed several of the side pieces and the peak section of the lower left block.  It is starting to look right, but I still need to do something with the roof of the top right block.
Kerry had several quilts ready for me to pick up on Saturday.  I trimmed down all six.  The two at the top are mine, Kringles Kargo and Kringles Kargo 2.  Each are just 16" x 16".  I have a couple of options for the binding for each of them.  Audition time!
These are my Mom's projects.  Most of them, maybe all of them are donations.  I'll be sending them to her soon.  Looks like I'll have lots of binding to work on when I visit just a month from today.

I will be busy with the San Diego Humane Society's Fur Ball donation this week.  The plan is to have the top done and in Kerry's hands this Friday.  Enjoy your week and do find time to look at some of the other wonderful projects today at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

Six quilts to bind? Wow, you will be busy, along with all of your piecing projects. And you work, too! How do you get it all done?

Dar said...

You have some cute projects with your doggy theme. What organization uses the 16" x 16" size that you donate. You have lots of work to keep you busy with those bindings.

Betty said...

How can she get all these projects done. LOL I think she has a secret helper locked in her closet. lol lol
I am ready for you, It just doesn't happen soon and long enough. Your projects are coming along just fine. Enjoy your fun day with Kerry.