Design Wall Monday, September 29, 2014

I have several projects going on in my studio.  Most of them binding.  I came home from Kerry's with three of my own projects and two of hers to finish.  
Krazy Kattle 2
Krazy Kattle 2 is a Buggy Barn left over blocks project that will be gifted to my Mom.  Except for the barn in the upper right corner all the blocks were too much for the original project.  Mom really likes the cows and soon she will own one of her own.
Kadence is from a free on her website Bonnie Hunter design called Fourth of July.  This quilt is to be donated to a Veteran.  I'm thinking it will make its way to Southern Maryland.
Krazy Krones 2
Krazy Krones 2 is also from a left over block from the original project.  My Sister Karen will be the recipient of this broom stick riding witch.  I'm working to have it in her hands for decoration this Halloween.
Kerry's Orca Bay 
Orca Bay and the Patriotic Mini are both Kerry's.  I offered to help her out with some hand sewing and brought these two home to finish for her.  I was able to finish the Patriotic Mini during the awesome Chargers WIN!  I've started on Orca Bay and will probably have it complete for the next time we get together.
Kerry's Patriotic Mini
As for what is on my Design's my version of Bonnie Hunter's Zuckerwatte.  I'll be needing to find more of the inner border fabric for the bias binding or just purchase enough for both.  I want these two elements to match.  The reason for needing a bias binding, which as you know takes a little more fabric, is because once quilted the outer string border will be cut "scalloped".  I'm really looking forward to my first ever "scalloped" border experience.

Zuckerwatte (yet to be named)
Hope you have a wonderful week.  More eye candy from quilters located around the globe through the links at Patchwork Times.


Ramona said...

Your cows are a riot! And the barn just finishes the quilt perfectly. Too cute! You have lots of quilty loveliness!

Mary said...

Binding is my Favorite part. That means the quilt is DONE! Lots of finishes happening here. Have fun with the scallopped binding on your Bonnie Quilt!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Love your Zuckerwatte! It looks like a party - all cotton candy and confetti. The scalloped border will be pretty, too.

Janet O. said...

Of course, I love your little projects from leftovers of other projects. : )
Have you seen the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial for scalloped edges? I even took a class once on scalloped edges and came away thinking I'd never do it. But after watching this tutorial, I think I may. I think they look so pretty! : )

Gari in AL said...

The cows made me laugh. I know another quilter who would love something like that. And so many Bonnie quilts! I have only been able to complete one and am really proud of that.

Betty said...

Great projects, can't wait to see the scalloped binding, sounds complicated to me? The witch and the cows are darling, I will be proud to hang up my cows.