Around the World Blog Hop, September 22, 2014

Kerry at Kerry's Quilting invited me to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop started by Karen Miller of Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals.  In the next paragraphs I hope to share with you my "creative process".  I'd hoped to link forward to a few of my blogging friends, but truth to be told everyone has something going on leaving no time to keep the "Hop" going from my end.  I will however share with you links to blogs I enjoy reading.

Casabarka, 2010 San Diego Humane Society's Fur Ball
Kerry is a very dear friend.  We met through Canyon Quilt Guild years ago while I was the Project Linus Chairperson.  Kerry had just purchased a Gammill long arm sewing machine with a Statler Stitcher and was eager to practice.  This union produced not only a very strong and enduring friendship but hundreds of charity quilts for Project Linus.  We've continued on with several other charity donations that include an annual donation to the San Diego Humane Society's Fur Ball, the American Legion Auxiliary, the American Red Cross, the Veterans Association, American Cancer Society, and several disasters around the country caused by Mother Nature.  We meet up as often as possible for sewing days that are mutually cherished.  We've done a few projects together, share our stash, and usually take the same workshops as well as attend the same quilt shows.  We've reached that type of relationship that endures time.  Quilting has truly presented me with a wonderful friendship.

So "What am I working on?"  I'm always busy in my sewing room, nook dining table, or a TV table in my family room.  If I'm not busy doing something...sleep overtakes me!  I have two projects in full swing.  Bird Brain by Buggy Barn and Zuckerwatte by Bonnie Hunter.  

Bird Brain aka Krazy Kookoos by Buggy Barn

Zuckerwatte (yet to be named) by Bonnie Hunter
After finishing my UFO for the month I work at fast pace to get new projects rolling.  Honestly I don't have UFOs in the true definition.  My UFOs are from patterns that I've collected and didn't start when I first learned of them.  You know it's the "Quilting Bucket List" that so many of us have.  I do have a couple of projects that I've been waiting to figure out a setting, but I don't see them as UFOs at this state.  

Quilt Square Quilt Along 2012
My Kourageous project was an idea UFO to make 12 blocks that were exotic flowers made with animal skin themed fabrics.  I also have a Quilt Square Quilt Along started with Jo's Country Junction in 2012 that waits for a setting.

Not sure "How my work differs from others of its genre?"  Except perhaps in my naming convention.  Years ago I started this odd thing of using "K" in the names of my cats.  Kaos and Komotion both of which are Abyssinian cats.  Next my Dad helped me name my website after my two loves Quilts and Cats or kwiltnkats.  In keeping with that my blog and next, each and every quilt or project name starts with a "K".  This certainly at times can be a challenge that my family, friends and blog followers help me with from time to time.  There have certainly been some great names created with a "K".  How about Kwitcherbitchin, Kraps, Kosmic Kaos, Kookaburra or Kartwheels.

2014 Road to California Quilt Show
2nd Place, Traditional Pieced, Small Winner
"Why do I create what I do?  This is simple...I just love the feeling of accomplishment!  The chatter or the sometimes ribbon or the heart warming feeling that is bestowed when given.  I feel overwhelming comfort just walking into my sewing room every morning.  Wondering how much time I can spend enjoying my craft each day.  Hoping it's hours of uninterrupted time.  I wish everyone can enjoy their hobby as much as I do.  It is true that "my soul is fed with needle and thread".

"How does my creating process work?  It doesn't take much more than a publication of a design...certainly among my most popular choices in designs come from Bonnie Hunter, Judy Niemeyer, or the most recently dissolved Buggy Barn.  

Closeout Book Purchases from Buggy Barn
Then of course there is the very strongest of desires to use up my fabric stash.  I've heard it said I'm great with color.  This of course takes time sifting through my stash with each pattern.  I've got my next three Bonnie Hunter, one Judy Niemeyer, and two Buggy Barn designs ready to sew...just need to finish what is started before moving into these.  I have trouble working on too many projects at once.

So in closing here are a few of my blogger friends.  Hope they have something that tempts you to read more from them in days ahead.  Enjoy the Blogosphere!

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Janet O. said...

I really enjoyed hearing how you came to name everything with a "K". I've wondered how that started> : )
I had forgotten about "Kourageous". Love those blocks!! Can't wait for you to find the right setting for them!

Kerry's Quilting said...

Nice job on your blog hop! Sorry no one else would play along! Thanks for being such a good friend all these years. Looking forward to many more projects together!

Jennifer said...

I knew several of those, but didn't know the origin of the K names. I have a question for you - how do you keep track of which patterns are on your to-do list? I've tried a couple different ways, but neither has worked for me (yet).

Betty said...

I can only say, "Great Blog" .