2013 At A Glance, December 27, 2013

I have had another year of wonderful projects; 33 in fact with several waiting their turn in the quilting queue at Kerry's Quilting.  
Krazy Krones
in line for quilting

Fabric purchases were a must, but everything started with my "pretty much manageable" stash.  350 yards came from there and only a fraction was purchased from local quilt shops to finish them.
As with previous years, 2013 had me committed to finishing a project every month with a UFO challenge called Thirteen in '13 at www.52Quilts.com.  

Kushy Kourt
2013 UFO
You can see my 13 HERE, all of them done!  I don't let dust settle on my projects so nearly all of mine are UFO patterns; designs I have been collecting wanting to make and finally taking the time to do it.  My list for the coming year is already created (HERE), so I am all set for January's project once again with www.52Quilts.com.  

I attended a handful of workshops in 2013.  My projects from these classes are finished except one that goes to my 2014 UFO list.  
Krazy Kattle
finished workshop project
Konqueror blocks
2014 UFO
The San Diego Humane Society and the Scoops of Love Project for 1st Graders in Moore, Oklahoma benefited from donations.  The Scoops of Love project was overwhelmed to receive more quilts than they thought possible with plenty to pass out to other grades at this elementary school that was destroyed during the storms.  Today Part 5 of Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery was released.  I am up-to-date and ready to sew this newest unit.  I still haven't settled on a "K" name for this project.

Three quilts were entered in quilt shows and two of these were excepted to the jurried Road to California Quilter's Conference and Showcase (RD2CA) in January 2014.  I already feel honored to be included in the show, but I hope you wish me luck at a chance to win a prize or two...
Entrant 2014 RD2CA
Koriander Kompass
Entrant 2014 RD2CA

By far the best "K" name in 2013 was Kwitcherbitchin.  You see Mom mistakenly used grays where they weren't to go in a neutral string swap causing her to remake.  I got the mistakes...  You'll see the other creative names inspired many times by friends and family along with their photos in my parade of finishes in 2013.

Klappers 1/13 (2012 UFO)
Kovers 1/13
Kurly Kues 2/13
Krayons 2/13
Kadette 3/13 (2013 UFO)
Kopice 3/13 (2012 UFO)
Ornament 1 3/13
No Klucks Here Either! 3/13 (Workshop)
Kooky Kins 3/13 (2012 UFO)
Krabapple 3/13
Ornament 2 3/13
Ornament 3 3/13
Ornament 4 3/13
Karen's Knines 4/13
Knoted 4/13 (2012 UFO)
Kushy Kourt 5/13 (Bonnie Hunter 2012 Mystery, 2013 UFO)
Kwitcherbitchin 6/13
Khambray 6/13 (Gift, 2013 UFO)
Ice Cream #1 7/13 (Scoops of Love; Moore, OK)
Ice Cream #2 7/13 (Scoops of Love; Moore, OK)
I Love Puppy Dogs 7/13 (SDHS 27th Fur Ball)
Kalahari 8/13 (2013 UFO)
Kartwheels 8/13 (2011 UFO)
Koriander Kompass 8/13 (2011 UFO)
Kandle Kounting 9/13 (Gift)
Krazy Kattle 9/13
Knautical 9/13 (2013 UFO)
Kubicles 9/13 (2013 UFO)
Kindergarten 11/13 (2013 UFO)
Koda's Keeper 11/13 (2011 UFO)
Kamp Kastles 11/13 (2013 UFO)
Kloudburst 11/13 (2013 UFO)
Kristmas Kollage 12/13

This year has me closing with Kookaburra, Kingsford Kove, and Kilowatts waiting for a trip to Kerry's Quilting.  Along with Red Strings/9-Patch Swap, Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery, and Krossfire on my sewing table.  I have made some wonderful friends through this blog and hope to hear from you in 2014.  


Betty said...

You are so blessed to have so many quilting fans. I love reading what others say about your quilts. I hope they keep posting. I have my fingers crossed for a win, big or small for you. You do beautiful work, and the fastest quilter I know. Good Luck in January.

Janet O. said...

I stand in awe, Sandi--as usual!
Both of those quilts are spectacular, and deserving of a win. Good luck to you!

Quilter Kathy said...

An amazing list of finishes!