Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yesterday when I got home from work Part 3 was cut.  There are 200 sets of the yellow and orange fabrics.  I will be making HSTs.  I used the Easy Angle ruler to cut the triangle from 2" strips.  At this point I have half of them sewn together.  Second half a bit later will find its way through my sewing machine.
I also put the next round of pieces on Kilowatts.  The setting triangles were ready for black strips on three sides and the blocks were ready for white strips on four sides.  The photo shows what they looked like before being trimmed up for the new round.

Hope you are doing something fun today.  The weather here is warmer today than it has been the first part of the week.  Happy Saturday!

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Janet O. said...

Not much sewing happening here lately. I'm glad someone is making progress. : )