Thursday, December 27, 2012

These are the dark fabrics I will use for my dark string blocks.  I was able to finish them up yesterday. 

Green seemed to speak out a bit, so green became my hour glass fabric.

Yes the sewing table does get a bit messy when it comes to sewing strings!

I put together a few of the hour glass units just to see how it would look.

Once I decided I liked the green...more were cut.  I'll be working on sewing these today.

Not a lot of variety yet, but you can see that it's coming!  Love my design wall...


Janet O. said...

This looks like it will be very striking. I can't believe how much you already have done.
And yes, I love my design wall, too. Aren't they a great thing?

betty said...

You have a super great design wall. Your strings and hour glasses are looking good together. You messy, don't believe that at all.