Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got another ornament finished last night.  These are fun and not too hard.  They are paper pieced though which might turn some of you off!  I just love this background fabric.  It's the last of it I have...this ornament might just have to remain in my home.  I sure would love to find this white on white again.

I went to Fat Quarters Quilt Shop in Vista during my lunch break on Wednesday with Bonnie.  I was surprised to run into Joan.  Joan is going to help me get going on some wool applique.  I have quite a bit of scraps from making my cat dolls but not the woven cottons that will be used for the backgrounds.  This pattern uses four squares sewn together to create it's background then two boomerang shaped hearts (the smaller on top of the larger) in each of the four squares.  I'm supposed to use a "slip stitch" with pearl cotton thread.  I'm excited to get this going.  Thanks Joan for getting me into this technique.  You should see Joan's lovely projects...OMG! 

While at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop I picked up (along with Bonnie's help) a few 30s fabrics for my Kuibble project that is one of my want to dos for 2013.  This one has lots of pieces so it's a good one to cut out now.  Sure isn't easy finding the black prints.  I did pick up two blacks and seven brights.  Mom's sure to find a few in her stash so I'll wait until I see what she sends (or brings with her in January) until I pick up any more. Bonnie is planning a trip to the Temecula Quilt Company to look for more blacks.  I think I may be looking online too.

Have a great day today...only five more until Christmas!


betty said...

I like the ornament, the colors go nice together, wow, you will really be ahead of the game.

Janet O. said...

I know I missed some posts. Have you told how big the ornament blocks are?
I've learned I can actually tolerate paper piecing if I want the results bad enough. : )

Kathie said...

Very cute but you are right, paper piecing is a turn off to me, just can't seem to get the hang of it.