Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here's Kommodore so far.  I've got it up on my wall with the usual blue painters tape.  One day I'll make it a real design wall (hubby gave me the green light!).  I still have a bit of rearranging to do with the blocks before I sew them together.  The green is the first border that is all one fabric instead of making it scrappy.  I thought it would calm the middle a bit before the scrappy pieced border.  I'll be finishing it off with the binding in a medium purple; probably again with one fabric.  I don't have enough of any of the fabrics I have left in this shade so it will probably be a purchase...unless one of my friends has something they want to rid from their stash :)!

The pieced blocks on the top are the way the project is designed, but I like the green together around the corner like the layout below.  Any opinions?

Tomorrow is the last working day of the week for me.  I have a class on Friday at Country Loft where I'll be making another cat doll.  Korabell and her three kitties are still meowing to be finished...but you know a class for a project you want to make doesn't come around all the time...

Have a wonderful finish to this week.  May is just around the corner.  Do you have all your challenges for the month done?


Janet O. said...

I like the border the way you have adapted it, too. Very pretty quilt, Sandi! It sparkles! : )

Jackie said...

I like your adaption as well. It's another beautiful quilt!