Design Wall Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday brought little time in my sewing room.  I was spending time getting ready for my special guest, Bonnie Hunter, who arrives tomorrow.  I will be her host for a few days while she lectures and teaches in the Southern California area.  I did manage an hour in the morning squaring up the final pinwheel blocks and then just before bed another hour sewing them together.  I have all the units ready to assemble on this 2011 UFO.  I am feeling real good about being able to report some fabric being used next week!

I have also gotten this far on my Cheddar Bow-Ties.  I will admit that I have not been assembling these cute little bow-ties as leaders and enders.  I use what ever project I am working on as my leaders and enders.  My bow-ties are coming together between projects.  You will notice that I have a lot ready to go for the next opportunity.
Cheddar Bow-Ties
Tuesday night is Bonnie's lecture at Sunshine Quilt Guild in El Cajon.  This is followed the next day at Memory Lane Quilt Shop also in El Cajon for a workshop on Scrappy Trips Around the World.  I am ready with 120 strips of lights, mediums, and darks.  I also have some extra strips if someone wants to trade.  I sure hope we can get far along on this project during our 10 to 4 day of sewing.  I'm certain we'll all have a great time.

Wednesday night there is another lecture for Bonnie at Chula Vista Quilt Guild. Thursday she heads north to Beach Cities and Friendship Square Quilt Guilds.  She's one busy gal!

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Janet O. said...

How fun for you to host Bonnie again. Do you take her to all the classes and lectures she is doing in the area, or is that a shared responsibility? I'd be thrilled to attend anything she does, but she is never in my area.
I love your bowties--such rich colors!

Kathie said...

Sounds like you are going to have a super week with Bonnie. Say hi from Southern Maryland, we had a blast when she was here a few months ago.

JudyCinNC said...

Enjoy your visit - I know you will love the workshop(s). Lucky you to host Bonnie - I think it was Subee that still has Bonnie's empty soda bottle (diet Dr. Pepper ?)she left in Subee's truck. Judy C

bingo~bonnie said...

you're at a good point with your patches and pinwheels - they could almost be leader/enders as you work on something else - since it doens't matter about placement... grab one of each and sew! and magically turn into rows for a quilt top.

Have a great week with Bonnie!!

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

Diane Harris, Stash Bandit said...

Sandi, Be sure and tell Bonnie that we know each other! She does a lot of stuff for QM and we love her! Have a great week, and btw, I love your cheddar blocks. WOW!!