Design Wall Monday, January 23, 2012

This is what was finished Friday at the first workshop of the day at the Road to California Quilters' Conference and Showcase.  The workshop was with Karen Eckimer on her design Scrappy Layered Log Cabin.  The technique is to press under a curvy side to your strip then starting with the black center layer it on top and top stitch the strip down.  Cut off excess.  Working in a counter clockwise direction add on the next curvy strip and repeat.  Center, light, light, dark, dark then repeat with the light.  These blocks have no particular size.  You match them up in a row then attach them to the next row in the same press under a curvy side manner.  You'll have to learn more with her pattern available in her book Layered Waves.

The Lakeside Mystery 1 that was the late night workshop was held at the Doubletree until midnight.  There were about 30 something attending.  We had cutting before class so we were ready to sew to our hearts content.  Tracy Brookshier was our instructor.  She was really prepared for us with seven clues and the reveal.  She sure mixed it up so none was the wiser until clue seven was passed out.  I managed to get all 36 hearts done during the six hours with a little help from speedy Kerry!  This project is nearly finished which makes me real happy since I've got so many other projects going on.

This week I'll be focusing on two 2012 January UFO deadlines.  This is Kontinuum my January UFO #5 with Patchwork Times.  I have all the major blocks done.  I am assembling the 84 small 9-Patches that will be part of the border right now.

How's your week looking? Lot's of quilters showing off their Design Walls today at Patchwork Times.


Kathie said...

I love them all, you sure had a fun week.

Janet O. said...

The log cabin technique is very interesting. Love the fabrics!
Your January UFO is a beauty. I have to admit that I had to enlarge the photo to see is the blue all around it was truly fabric or if it was more tape holding it all up. : )

Jennifer said...

The log cabins are fascinating. Looks like a technique I might have to try.

Gari said...

Three very different projects to keep you busy. I've never heard of that log cabin technique but it sounds/looks interesting.diadwora