Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the middle of the week today. San Diego started getting back to it's normal weather, but towards the end of the week I'm hearing it will be back to rain. We need every bit Mother Nature can give us this time of year. I suppose we should be thankful :(. I sure hope for the Trick or Treaters that it is dry on Sunday evening for this annual event.This is Shelly's 2010 Block Exchange project. This one was a challenge with the curved piecing in the center. I'm anxious to see how the other color ways turn out as well as Shelly's finished project. This is just one piece of the master piece I'm sure she'll create.

Finally, Kollette complete and ready for quilting. I'll be selecting a dense all over quilting pattern in a thread color yet to be decided upon.  Kreamed Korn is on my sewing table. I've got several more border blocks that need to be finished yet. I do like what I'm seeing so far. I'll be cutting more 2 1/2' and 1 1/2" strips since I need loads more to finish the 30 main blocks that make up the quilts center. I'll be working on these steps the rest of the week and throughout the weekend.  This week is an Off Friday for me and that means an extra full day of sewing! Hope you have some accomplishments this week.


kwiltnkats said...

Just noticed I have my top row wrong on Kollette! I'll be fixing this before Kerry's Quilting queue...darn

betty said...

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Circles, what a challenge. I know you are glad to be done with it. Can't wait to see Shelly's quilt.
Love Kollette, I seen it in the beginning and it is so great, good job.

Kathie said...

That block looks like a definite challenge thats for sure.

I love how your quilt turned out, so nice and bright.

Sue V said...

Love Kollette! I'm almost done with my Mississippi Wheel, hope to finish it today. All the paper piecing is done as is the curved inner section and the background. I'm pinning the wheels together now. It is a challenge for sure!