Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today my home has been pretty quiet. My parents left yesterday morning after a fabulous visit. Wish that they could have stayed longer; hopefully the next trip for the both of them won't be as long as the gap was before this trip. Here's Mom's finished Any Witch Way from the Quiltmaker Magazine Sep/Oct 2009 issue.

There were many firsts for her with this project. A mitered seam on the pieced border was the biggest challenge. As you can see she did real well. Her next challenge will be to quilt it. The plan when Mom left was to stipple in matching colored thread the hair, hats, and background. Not sure how the borders will be quilted. I'll look forward to her finish. Now it's on to getting mine done. Since both of these projects came from my stash I'll be claiming the yardage used on both of them this Sunday.

I finished the back for Koala so it's ready to get into the quilter's queue. Step 1 of Kollette is on the agenda for tomorrow night. Friday this week is an Off Friday from work where I hope to finish sewing down the sleeve on Kufflinks and put the binding on Katalooche. I've got several blocks for various commitments due in the coming weeks so I plan to get these done this weekend or at least make a big dent in that direction. Two are paper pieced, a Morning Glory block (need to make two) and a Mississippi Wheel of Fortune block. Two are pieced, a combination Log Cabin/Maple Leaf block and a Pinwheel block. The last block to make is a Basket. Look for photos on Sunday of what I've been able to accomplish.

Think I've got my weekend packed?

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Kathie said...

Your mom did a great job on this, I will look forward to seeing it in person. Definitely sounds like you have a sewing marathon planned for the weekend.