Sunday Stash Report, September 6, 2020


There are two finishes today!  First up is the 2019 UFO #5, A Quilt for Mrs Chalmers.  I didn't get much help with names this time out and I'm not feeling the suggestion (keep trying though).  I was laughingly thinking A Kwilt for Kwiltnkats, but that is pretty silly!  I brought mine down in size to 41 x 49 1/2 inches.  I'm tossing around a couple of fabrics for a back.  I have a binding already decided upon.

My second finish is not a UFO.  It is the Jelly Snowflake Mystery that Sue coordinated for several of us recently.  I do have a name inspired by the word imagine a word that I picked up from the National Geographic Channel on Elephants.  The true story is how an elephant that was being mistreated and illegally used to gain wealth for it's owner was rescued.  The group that did the rescue does a spiritual ritual once the elephant is free.  During the ritual the elephant is given a name.  The elephant in the story was given the name Kalpana which means imagine.  So Kalpana my mystery project becomes finishing at 39 x 39 inches.

I am back to starting on another UFO.  This time a 2020 UFO #4, Star Strings by Pam Buda.  The setting triangles (blue in pattern) are the stones at the top.  My sister picked up this fun fabric not too long ago.  The pieces already cut will become the backgrounds for the 32 stars.  I have various strips in neutrals planned for the center of the stars with the tips of the stars also using the same neutrals.  The pattern gets it's name from the center of the stars.  The star blocks will finish at 4 inches square.  Another small project.

Before I get further into the Star Strings project there are four sets of fabrics selected for more Candy Cats =^.^=  Next post might have some new cats to add to the eleven that are done now.  Oh, there are also four 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch string blocks to be made for the October Sunshine BOM.  The guild is ready to get going with Zoom!  Our September meeting is Tuesday.  Until tomorrow I submit to you new stash numbers!  Hope you are keeping cool.  It is hotter than hot in San Diego today.  Thankfully AC is on...

Used this week:  7.75 yards
Used YTD:  108.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD:  15 yards
Net used in 2020: 93.75 yards


Heather said...

Red and yellow quilts always remind me of Ketchup and why not call it Kondiments!? said...

Heather, that is a Cute name. San, love story about the elephant. I like your choice with the center nine patch. Looks really nice. Looking forward to seeing the cats made up

kwiltnkats said...

Thank Heather. I’ve been thinking and thinking. Never went in that thought direction. I’ll make sure I don’t have one already but don’t think so. Kondiments! Might just be it. =^.^=