Design Wall Monday, September 7, 2020

Candy Cat project is on my Design Wall today.  12 out of a possible 30, if I make the full project, are done.  The newest one is on the bottom left.  Who doesn't like polka dot fabrics?

This one will be cat 13.  Can you guess what fabrics I will use for each part of the block?

Most of the week has been watching NBA finals and binding.  Krispin is finished entirely.  I'm 100% pleased with this one.  I was a bit skeptical on how the vines would finish with the machine couching stitch, but all in all happy with the results.

Kadaddle Kopy finished too.  This one is just 13" by 16".  100% pleased here too!  Kerry does such a great job with the quilting.  I'm working now on the next binding project with just the sleeve left to stitch in place on it.  I still have another three yet to get the binding started.

More cats on tap =^.^=  Hope you have a nice Labor Day and say a little prayer for the victims of 9/11 later this week.


Betty said...

Great blog, really enjoy reading your weekly blog, love those cats. You have a lot of binding to do, Tim will enjoy you working down stairs.

kwiltnkats said...

Cats are awesome. I love pulling together the fabrics and the sewing technique. Takes about three hours to make one. This will finish as one of those special projects.