Design Wall Monday, March 11, 2019

Checkerboard Stars is ready to assemble along with the next two.  I'll likely work on this one first.  It is small as are the two that follow.  Checkerboard Stars finishes at 24 x 24.

Starburst will be second unless I get tired of red :)!  Starburst will finish at 24 x 24 too.  Both Checkerboard Stars and Starburst are Pam Buda designs...without "K" names...hint, hint =^.^=

This one is by Lori Bongean called Winer-ific.  It finishes at 19 x 19.  The applique will wait for my return.

This is the applique project, Fit to Frame by Lori Smith, that I have prepared for stitching.  These blocks finish at 6".  The one on the left above was my first block that was stitched during a flight right about this time in 2017.  Not sure when the second block was stitched, but it was probably during a 2018 flight east.  The bottom two are what I will be working on this year.

This one has the trunk in place to start the trip.

This one has no stitching started.  Not sure I like how light the pink berries are on this one.  There might just need to be a change!

Always something at the ready to keep me busy.  Wish me a good flight, great weather, and the rest is covered...awesome good times with my family.


Janet O. said...

Love the small projects you have lined up--I have that Lisa Bongean pattern, but haven't got it in the queue yet.
I don't recall you doing much applique. So are there just four blocks in that project, or will it provide handwork for many trips to come? :)
Wishing you a safe trip and good weather!

kwiltnkats said...

Janet -

Didn't make the trip. Weather and the downing of 737-8 planes cancelled my plans. I'll wait now until May when Mom arrives for three weeks.

I don't do much applique, but I don't mind doing it. There are more blocks to this project that will keep me busy for trips to come.