Design Wall Monday, May 8, 2018

Part 2 of Kandiyohi is finished.  I had it done on Sunday.  The melon colors are very soft on the eyes.  I have been busy until just last night working on Part 3. 

As I suspected the seams are pressed down differently than usual.  I still have lots of finger pressing to do yet.  I sure am anxious to be working with the turquoise and brown fabrics of Part 4.

I have a trunk full of things to bring to the Sunshine Quilt Guild May meeting that is Tuesday.  The quilting retreat isn't too far away now; just next week =^.^=.  The best news of all is just five days until my Mom arrives!  Hoping you have something special planned this weekend...

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Janet O. said...

Looking at all those flying geese lined up like that leaves me in awe. It would probably take me months to make that many of one unit. Short attention span here. They are lovely colors!
I am happy to hear you have a visit from your Mom in the very near future. Enjoy!