Design Wall Monday, April 16, 2018

Took time from the mystery project to trim down and get the binding and sleeve on Kurry.  I got this beauty back from Kerry last Tuesday.  I just can't get over how beautiful it has turned out.

The solid looking purple in the first photo is the border so I selected a purple to be the binding too.  I used the yellow of the back for the sleeve.

I love the Tiara block, border, and corner motifs.  With the quilting in a variegated purple thread.  Once I have the binding in place I will share Kurry's full view.  Until then there is some stitching to do, all 297" of it!


Nancy J said...

One word""" MAGNIFICENT"""

It so deserves capitals all the way.

Judi said...

Wow! That is just fabulous!

Janet O. said...

Stunning! Can't wait to see it in all its glory!!