Design Wall Monday, February 5, 2018

Design Wall is full up with Kutarug.  You can see the next three rows in motion.  Usually I do four rows at a time, but I ran out of the blue/yellow HST units.  There is just enough to finish three rows; so three rows is what it will be for this time around.  It is quite a lot of work taking down and putting back up Kutarug on the design wall, but so well worth the colors of the hour glass unit placement.
Yesterday I mentioned the green hour glass unit shortage.  You can see these are ready for ironing.  One step closer to a 2 1/2" hour glass unit...well really several of them...  Guess what I will be working on this week?  I'm certain you don't need any hints!  Enjoy your week =^.^=

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Janet O. said...

Don't know why, Sandi, but all of your posts from this week suddenly came into my feed at the same time. I was starting to wonder if you were sick!
I can't imagine making all of those pinwheels and HSTs!! You never cease to amaze me!!