Design Wall Monday, April 3, 2017

The day was just to beautiful to stay home...  We went out for Brunch instead!  I did get a few rows of Kissin' Korner 2 sewn together though while waiting for dinner to cook.

Kanton Kull is back out of its storage to be worked on after Kissin' Korners 2 is complete.  I have all pieces cut out for Chapter 4 and the first of the units sewn.  Still quite a bit to go to close the "chapter" on this round.

Mom likes having a sham on the beds in her home.  These are the scraps from Kozy Korners that a sham is planned for.  It won't be identical to the design of the quilt, but it will have the color and some of the fabrics for a 24" x 32" sham.

There was also time to stitch the binding around Kloggs.  Let me say that took a bit of time for the 103" x 120" quilt for my sister.  I started to do the hand work, but became too involved in the last of the remaining episodes of Downton Abbey to do much more than a little over 18".

So much I want done like yesterday...  Hope you have a wonderful first week of April =^.^=.  Hook up with the links at Patchwork Times.


Charlene S said...

Beautiful work!

Janet O. said...

Your hands are certainly never idle (except for Downton Abbey, I guess). : )