Design Wall Monday, April 10, 2017

The biggest finish on Sunday was the binding for Kloggs.  This quilt gets to travel as soon as I can find a box large enough to hold it!  It measures 120" x 103".  It was such a happy sight to see the other end of the binding!  DH thinks we should look for an area rug in these colors as it brightens up the living room.  Maybe the drapes need changing, because I will not be covering up my new carpet.  Karen is going to be happy with this quilt.

I am working to finish up the sham that will match the twin quilt I made for my parents guest room.  Kerry will get it tomorrow to put some quilting on the top that matches what was used on Kozy Korners.

Kanton Kull is next on the table.  Chapter 4 is in progress...  See other projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Nancy J said...

great quilt on the floor, pity it has to be moved, ( just walk round it carefully every day!!) gorgeous colours. You have been so very busy again.

maggie fellow said...

THe borders are wonderful - was it a pattern?

Janet O. said...

Kloggs is beautiful!!