Design Wall Monday, May 30, 2016

Hardly time to post today.  Just too busy trying to make a dent in my UFO for this month.  This not to say getting my sewing room back to normal for me to work in.
This is just a part of the huge project Kayenne is turning out to be.  These units are so long.  After struggling with the background on the black was all pulled out and replaced with the creamy background (instead of whiteish fabrics).  I definitely do like it better.  I took time to create templates, which definitely makes the stitching swifter.  I will be working on it through tomorrow, but certainly it won't see a finish this month.

This is Kalvery Month 5 finished.  One of my retreat projects.  This is what it looks like at present.
Next up at the retreat was to complete Months 4 and 5 of Konstitution.  I never did get to Kanton Kull like I had hoped.  Oh well that will be another time.

So what have you got going on in your sewing room?  See more through the links at Patchwork Times.


Charlene S said...

Kayenne is looking sweet. Your projects are always so inspiring.

Lynette said...

OH, my word! Kavalry is an absolutely stunning project!