Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This is Block 5 or the first of two large star blocks for Month 3.  Took most of my limited evening time trimming the units, but this part is well worth the effort.  Notice I used my flying geese Bloc-Loc ruler this time.
Block 13 or the first of six for Month 3.  Days are ticking!  Enjoy Tuesday =^.^=


Janet O. said...

I really like the center block!
Have never tried the Bloc-Loc Flying Geese ruler, though I love the HST rulers--and you inspired me to try those.
If I get to the HMQS next month I will check them out. They always have a booth.

Nancy J said...

HST rulers, on my list too, Love the colours you have chosen, lots of points to match up, that is what my eyes see!!! Have a wonderful Day, or evening.

Betty said...

Just awesome, The colors you have chosen are super. I will say that this is one of my recent favorites. Even I have used the Bloc-Loc rulers and they are great.