Design Wall Monday, April 11, 2016

Had a good sewing day yesterday.  I have most of the sashing pieced, but a long way to go yet on the block.  I can see right now some "kisses" that will need to change.  The fabric color just isn't strong enough against the light gray backgrounds.
Kissin' Korner
April UFO
I had hoped to finish sewing the March BOM on Kanton Kull.  I was pretty involved with Kissin' Korner that time just slipped away on yellows and blues.
Kanton KullMonth 3
There will be more sewing tonight!  See other projects today through the links at Patchwork Times.


Betty said...

wow, ms speedy slow down...... Very nice and the Kanton KullMonth3 will be an awesome finish as well.

Charlene S said...

Nothing wrong with slowing down. Sometimes you have to see the pieces together to get it right. My mind's picture is not always what happens on the design wall.

Janet O. said...

Actually, I think having a few low contrast spots gives a quilt more visual depth and interest--not that I purposely do it, but when it happens, sometimes it seems like it was meant to be. : )
Kanton Kull is beautiful!