Design Wall Monday, February 29, 2016

Today is truly a Design Wall Monday!  My wall is full of Kaffe Kisses...  I have yet to decide on an arrangement but all the units are sewn.  The next step is deciding on the arrangement then continuing with the sewing.  There is still trimming involved too.

I found the tool you see excellent for lining up the edges for the curve seams of Step 9 in the process.

As mentioned yesterday here is where I am with the many "in work" projects that grace my sewing room.  Are you ready?
Patchwork of the Crosses
(needs a name)
Kanton Kull
Quilt Square Quilt Along
(needs a name)
Feel free to help me with a few "K" names...  Kourageous is the dusty one with Quilt Square Quilt Along right behind.  Patchwork of the Crosses will probably be last to finish.  All the rest are fairly new with another new one starting on Tuesday.  March UFO is soon to be named in 52Quilts lottery.  See more great projects today through the links at Patchwork Times.  Happy Leap Year Day =^.^=


Janet O. said...

Wow, it feels like your "Kisses" quilt just exploded onto your design wall! Looks wonderful!
So good to see Kourageous" again. I love those blocks!
The only thing I get name-wise is Kwilt², for the quilt square quilt along.
Maybe Kolossal Krags for the Scrappy Mountain Majesty.

Betty said...

Still have a lot on the list to complete, by this time next week there will be more. Kaffe Kisses is stunning.

Betty said...

Wow, yes you have a lot going on. Won't be long and you will be showing us all the completed ones.