Sunday Stash Report, November 1, 2015

I have an add for this week.  The October installment of A Prairie Gathering was picked up from Country Loft this week.  I haven't started the sewing yet on this project; it will probably be started next year.
Here is Expect the Unexpected right now.  My Mom's UFO that I brought home to finish for her.  All the blocks are stitched.  Next up is sewing them together and adding the two borders.  I will be working on this today.
I finished Kamikaze's binding and sleeve during the week.  I love this Bonnie Hunter design called Midnight Flight. did see that fabric requirements are out.  Looks like it's going to be a beauty with the colors she's suggested.  Guess there is a trip to Lowes in my future this week!
Did you have many Trick-or-Treaters?  The first kiddos started arriving about 5:30 pm.  There were lots of clever costumes and of course many of the ones everyone sees from year-to-year.  I turned off the lights at 8 pm.  If I hadn't I am not sure my candy would have held out much longer.  Hope that you enjoyed the little ones as much as I did.

Others are using up their fabrics...see who through the links today at Patchwork Times.  Happy November!

Used this week:  0 yards
Used YTD:  227.5 yards
Purchased this week:  2 yards
Purchased YTD:  166.25
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  61.25 yards


Debra Broyles said...

When you go to Lowe's to obtain the paint sheets could you grab me one please, please, please. I don't go to Lowe's or Home Depot so I wouldn't know where the paint pieces are. I would greatly appreciate it Sandi. You're the bomb!!! Have a great day!!! I loved your finished quilt "Lady of the Lake Erie" and Kerry's was awesome as well. Have a safe, wonderful and blessed day!!!! The quilt you are making from Country Loft - is it a large one? The colors look beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the progress on your mom's ufo - it looks great. Enjoy shopping for your mystery quilt colors!

Nancy J said...

Your Mum's quilt looks so good, and as always you are going to be busy with new projects. Lovely colours in the next one, I do like that bright turquoise with the contrast fabric.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that Bonnie Hunter posted her intro post on this year's mystery! I went over and I'm loving her colors this year. I'm still debating on whether to join or not but I'm excited to see how it turns out. :)

Bonnie said...

Nice set of blocks you are working on. I was at Lowes the morning she posted the colors but long before I realized she had posted them. I'll head over to one one of these days. I'm not up for another big quilt so I may wait to see what this one looks like and do a smaller one. Time will tell. said...

The ufo quilt is really nice. Love the borders that you are putting on. I will be looking for your color choices on the Bonnie Hunters quilt coming out. said...
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