Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Again I will share with you Kookaburra which was a participant in the Traditional Large Pieced category at the 2015 Road to California Quilt Show.  The program cover and information first.

Kookaburra was among 24 outstanding quilts in the category.  I heard it said from show organizers that it ranks as one of the most outstanding of projects to be entered.  Competition was tough, even for the judges.  A note before you scroll down too far...  The photo of the Judge's Choice is horrible.  The fabric selection was very different, but it worked.  I wish to have had a better photo.  I think the Judges made the right call.  The piecing in 1st place was excellent, but I felt it was entered in the wrong category.  2nd place would have been my 1st place call.  I can't share the remaining 19 so next year if you can try to make it to the show.  It is always the third week of January.
1st Place
Points of Interest
2nd Place
Spotlight on the Stars
3rd Place
Honorable Mention
Judge's Choice
Sanderson's Apprentice


Nancy J said...

They show huge talent, and many hours of work, love the last one, subtle and gentle.

Janet O. said...

Spotlight on the Stars is very striking. There are some lovely quilts--including yours!
I am curious, though. If the category is traditional pieced, the Judges Choice subtle color changes--is that all the piecing or is some of it from the quilting?

Betty said...

Don't try to figure it out. My choice would have been different.