Design Wall Monday, June 16, 2014

 Didn't get much further on Kolumbia yesterday.  I did add the setting triangles and corners to the design wall.  I should be putting this together the first few days of this week.  
 These scraps are blue, brown, and neutral that I plan to use for Smith Morning Mountain.  I will need to do a second sort to match up the right shades of all the colors...but this is a start.
 Finally I get to show Kontimplate.  This is the project that I created for the Whisper Challenge.  If you follow the yellow cards below you'll see where my group started.  Boy was I way off!  The purple cards follow a photograph that didn't make it into the picture :(.
 Then there is the green, pink, and blue groups.  Everyone enjoyed the experience even if they didn't end up coming anywhere close to the beginning.  
There is a retreat in my week's itinerary.  More on that the next time.  Enjoy your week and see what everyone else is sewing at Patchwork Times.


Janet O. said...

The gold setting triangles really set off Kolumbia beautifully!
A retreat? You lucky gal!

Betty said...

I am excited to go to the retreat. Always a great group of ladies for quilting, laughing and sharing. Kolumbia is off to a great start.