Design Wall Monday, June 9, 2014

#10 June 2014 UFO
 I have a busy sewing room...  I have been working on my June UFO.  The design is Scrappy Star Quilt by Wendy Gilbert.  These are the fabrics I plan to use along with a gold for the setting triangles that I have yet to discover in my stash.  
 The first cuts were made on Saturday night.  The small red square will be consistent through each of the stars.
 These are the rest of the blues that are ready for a background rectangle.  I hope I haven't made a mistake by using the red/blue argyle print as one of the blues... 
 These are the reds just getting started.
 The first five blocks of 25 are complete.  There are lots just stitches away from becoming stars.  Sashing will be after that.
You can see Mom and I are quite busy.  The project on the far left is a design called Crazy Eights.  Yellow Brick Road is in the center.  Both of these Mom is putting together.  We have a fun day planned for today.  A Buggy Barn house will be attempted!

Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Find time to check out other projects through the links at Patchwork Times.


Kathie said...

Sounds like you and your mom are having a great time.

Janet O. said...

I think the argyle fabric makes the stars look more twinkly!
I was trying to figure out the star construction--are partial seams involved?
Looks like you and your Mom are keeping plenty busy! Enjoy!! : )

Betty said...

Yes, the argyle looks good. That was early yesterday that you had five starts done. Now you have 20 done. You sew so fast. Great being here in San Diego with you. Love and hugs. Mom

Ramona said...

I agree...the argyle makes the blocks sparkle. Love your fabric choices. I love my days with my mom, too! Enjoy